1607: 约翰。澳门星际网站,澳门星际网站未来的同名同姓者和第一个捐助者,在圣. 伦敦的救世主教堂(现在的萨瑟克大教堂).

1635: 约翰澳门星际网站获得了他的硕士学位.A. 来自英国剑桥大学.

1636: 美国殖民地的第一所大学成立了. The “Great and General Court of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England” approves £400 for the establishment of “a schoale or colledge” later to be called “Harvard.”

1637: The Great and General Court orders the “colledge” established one year earlier to be located at Newetowne (renamed “Cambrige” in 1638).



The Overseers purchased the College’s first piece of real estate: a house and an acre of land from Goodman Peyntree. 位于“牛场排”的南部边缘,很快就被称为“学院院”,” this tract became the nucleus of 现在-day Harvard Yard and remains at the southern end of the Old Yard (the area west of Thayer, 大学, 和焊缝大厅).



1638: 约翰·澳门星际网站将他的藏书(400本书)和一半的遗产遗赠给澳门星际网站.

1639: 纪念约翰·澳门星际网站的遗赠, the Great and General Court orders “that the colledge agreed upon formerly to bee built at Cambridg shalbee called Harvard Colledge.”

1640: Reverend Henry Dunster is appointed first president of Harvard.

1642: 第一次有九名毕业生参加澳门星际网站毕业典礼.

1649: 剑桥镇和校长亨利·邓斯特授予澳门星际网站位于马萨诸塞州比勒卡的“学院农场”., which paid annual rent to the College until the farm was sold in 1775.



亨利·邓斯特, the Ch艺术er of 1650 called for the 澳门星际网站集团 to consist of seven individuals: the President, 五个同伴, 和一个会计. The Ch艺术er named the Corporation as the “President and Fellowes of 澳门星际网站” and transferred to them, 在“永久继承,管理学院的职责.

自1650年以来,该公司的结构首次改变是在2010年实施的. 其中包括扩大研究员的人数, 制订研究员的服务条款, 设立常务委员会.



1653: 约翰Sassamon, 马萨诸塞州的印度, 成为第一个在澳门星际网站学习的印第安人(可能学习了一个学期左右). 印度圣经翻译家约翰·艾略特的门徒, 萨萨蒙后来成为万帕诺亚格部落酋长麦塔康的抄写员和翻译.k.a. Metacomet、Pometacom、菲利普国王). In 1675, 萨蒙作为英国线人被谋杀, 引发了菲利普国王的战争, New England’s most devastating conflict between Natives and newcomers.

1692: Increase Mather awarded Harvard’s first Doctor of Divinity degree.





约翰·亚当斯,未来的美国总统.S. 总统,毕业生. 在1773年之前, the graduates of Harvard were arranged in a hierarchy not of merit but “according to the dignity of birth, 或者他们父母的地位.按照这个相当不民主的标准,亚当斯在24名学生中排名第14.

Kris Snibbe/澳门星际网站摄影师


1764: 最初的澳门星际网站大厅被烧毁,烧毁了大约5000册书,除了一本约翰·澳门星际网站的书外,其他的都被烧毁了.

1775: Continental soldiers are qu艺术ered in Harvard buildings.

1776: Eight Harvard alumni sign the Declaration of Independence.

1780: 马萨诸塞州宪法生效,正式承认澳门星际网站的地位. The first medical instruction given to Harvard students in 1781 and the founding of the Medical School in 1782 made it a university in fact as well as name.

1781: Oldest continuous chapter of Phi Beta Kappa formed at Harvard.

1782: 29岁的约翰·沃伦被任命为医学院解剖学和外科教授. During the previous year while head of the army hospital in Boston, he had given Harvard students their first formal medical instruction. Benjamin Waterhouse was named to a second 医学院教授ship, 在“物理学的理论与实践.”

1783: 高的仪式, 澳门星际网站医学院正式成立,成为“澳门星际网站的医疗机构”.” Its first home was the ever-versatile Holden Chapel.

1787: 约翰·昆西·亚当斯,未来的美国总统.S. 总统,毕业生.

1791: A writer in the Boston press accused Harvard of poisoning students’ minds with Edward Gibbon’s monumental “History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” (1776-88). President Joseph Willard replied that far from even considering Gibbon, the College used a text by French historian Abbé Millot. 纳撒尼尔·埃姆斯, 他在1812年左右离开澳门星际网站, recalled Millot’s as “the most utterly worthless and contemptible work of that kind or any other extant.”




1810: 约翰·桑顿·柯克兰开始了他18年的总统生涯.

1815: 大学堂落成.

1816: 神学院成立.

1817: 澳门星际网站法学院成立.

1829: 乔赛亚·昆西开始了他16年的总统生涯.

1832: 戴恩大厅, 法学院的第一座新建筑, 正式在澳门星际网站校园献身,并在那之后的半个多世纪里服务.

1836: 澳门星际网站的周年纪念.

1836: 亨利·沃兹沃斯·朗费罗被任命为教授.

1837: Ralph Waldo Emerson ’21 delivers Phi Beta Kappa oration.



Pictured: One of the Plate Stacks at the 澳门星际网站 Observatory.



1845: 卢瑟福B. 海耶斯,未来的你.S. 总统,法学院毕业生.

1846: 柯林斯约翰·沃伦, 医学院教授, conducts first public demonstration of ether as surgical anesthetic.

1849: Dr. George Parkman disappeared at the Medical School in one of the most famous murder cases in Harvard history. 早些时候,帕克曼把钱借给了他的同事. 约翰·韦伯斯特白. 为贷款做担保, Webster gave Parkman a mortgage on his personal property, 包括珍贵的矿物收藏. 当帕克曼得知韦伯斯特还用同样的收藏品资助了另一笔贷款时, he began relentlessly pursuing Webster to collect the debt. 失踪一周后, 一个可疑的看门人闯进了韦伯斯特实验室下面的一个砖砌拱顶,发现了人体部位, which the authorities soon discovered all around the lab. 一级谋杀罪名成立, Webster belatedly confessed and appealed for clemency, 但在8月8日被绞死. 30, 1850. Parkman’s widow led a fund drive to support Webster’s wife and children.

1852: 澳门星际网站首次赢得校际体育赛事,在温尼珀索基湖上与耶鲁大学的划船比赛.



Pictured: Daniel Ricketson’s portrait of Henry David Thoreau featured in a 霍顿图书馆 exhibition.



1855: 霍尔沃西大厅在院子里安装了第一个煤气灯.

1862: 监督者证实了牧师的说法. Thomas Hill, Class of 1843, as Harvard’s 20th President. 在他短暂的任期内,他提高了入学标准,并举办了一系列公开的“大学讲座”. 1863) by distinguished Harvard and non-Harvard scholars that paved the way for the “Graduate School of Arts and Sciences” and 大学 Extension, 以及向选修课体系的进步. Hill also conducted nationwide searches for new faculty appointees.

1865: 由校友选举监督者,切断与英联邦的法律联系.

1867: The Harvard Dental School made its first appointments: Daniel Harwood, professor of dental pathology and therapeutics; and Nathan Cooley Keep, 机械牙科教授.

1869: 在第一教堂的会堂, 一位论派, 查尔斯·威廉·艾略特正式就任澳门星际网站第21任校长. 从一开始就, Eliot’s 105-minute address delineated his broad educational purposes: “The endless controversies whether language, 哲学, 数学, 或者科学可以提供最好的心理训练, 普通教育应该主要是文学还是主要是科学, 今天没有什么实用的教训给澳门星际官方网上吗. 这所大学认为文学和科学之间没有真正的对立, and consents to no such narrow alternatives as 数学 or classics, 科学和形而上学. 澳门星际官方网会拥有他们所有人,在他们最好的时候.”

1870: 牧师. Phillips Brooks laid the cornerstone of Memorial Hall.

1872: 文理研究生院成立.

1872: 阿诺德植物园成立.

1873: 查尔斯·斯普拉格·萨金特(Charles Sprague Sargent)正式开始了他54年的阿诺德植物园第一任主任任期. Sargent soon enlisted the aid of pioneering landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted – then busy designing the Boston park system – to help him lay out the grounds. “Olmsted immediately grasped the idea that an arboretum where the public could see varied plantations of rare and exotic trees and shrubs skilfully [sic] selected, 在艺术上安排, 在科学监督下成长, would not only be an appropriate feature in the park system [now known as Boston’s “Emerald Necklace”] but might well become its culminating attraction,——本杰明·林肯·罗宾逊, 系统植物学的阿萨·格雷教授, 写于20世纪20年代末. Nonetheless, the Arboretum proved a hard sell, Robinson noted. “波士顿市和澳门星际网站公司都不欢迎这个想法. 媒体无动于衷,公众也无动于衷. Nine years of persistent effort were required before it was possible to draft a plan of procedure acceptable both to the City and to the 大学 and to secure its approval by the General Court of Massachusetts.”

1874: 成立美术系.

A poster of a football with Harvard Yale written on it


康涅狄格州纽黑文., 举办了第一场澳门星际网站-耶鲁橄榄球赛, 而澳门星际网站获得, to the delight of some 150 student boosters from Cambridge.


1879: 澳门星际网站附属学院,即后来的拉德克利夫学院,一开始有27名女学生.

1880: 西奥多·罗斯福是优等生优等生.

1886: 250周年庆祝超过2,500 alumni and friends with President Grover Cleveland in attendance.

1890: Land given by Major Henry Lee Higginson ’55 dedicated as Soldiers Field, 纪念在内战中牺牲的校友.

1894: 拉德克利夫学院成立.

1896: 福格艺术博物馆开幕.




1901: First course offered in landscape architecture and city planning.

1903: 富兰克林D. 罗斯福当选澳门星际网站校报主席.

1903: 该国第一座混凝土足球场建成.

1904: 罗斯福的毕业生.

1908: 有59个学生, the Graduate School of Business Administration formally opened as a Graduate Dep艺术ment of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Through this initial connection to established dep艺术ments, 校长艾略特和院长埃德温·弗朗西斯·盖伊希望这位新人能有一个良好的开端. 其他的你.S. universities began offering business training as early as 1886, but the course of study was overwhelmingly undergraduate. 在寻求建立商业作为一种职业, 澳门星际网站商学院成为美国第一个仅面向大学毕业生的商业项目. 到第一学年结束时,该校已有来自14所学院和12个州的80名学生.

1909: 阿伯特·劳伦斯·洛厄尔开始了他24年的总统生涯.

1910: 洛厄尔校长成立了推广课程委员会,即现在的澳门星际网站推广学院.

1910: 西奥多。罗斯福, 1880级, served as the 34th president of the Harvard 校友 Association (est. 1840).

1913: 公共卫生学院成立.

1913: 澳门星际网站出版社成立.

1914: Professor Theodore William Richards wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry for determination of atomic weights; he is the first of 50 Harvard Nobel laureates.

1914: 亨利·卡伯特·洛奇, 1871级, served as the 38th president of the Harvard 校友 Association (est. 1840).






1920: The College Library contained about 1,127,500 volumes.

1920: 商学院发布了市场营销问题, 它的第一本案例书, developed by Marketing Professor Melvin Thomas Copeland.

1920: 教育研究生院成立.

1924: The Harvard-Boston (Egyptian) Expedition began excavation of the royal cemetery of King Cheops (Khufu) near the Great Pyramid and soon identified the tombs of Prince Kawa’ab (Cheops’s eldest son), 其他四个首领, 公主Meresankh二世, 还有两个金字塔祭司.

1926: Samuel Eliot Morison is appointed official historian for Tercentenary.

1928: 第一个“铁肺”是由两位医生菲利普·德林克和小路易斯·阿加西·肖发明的.在公共卫生学院.

1930: 随着Dunster住宅和Lowell住宅的开放,住宅计划得以确立.

1933: 詹姆斯·布莱恩特·科南特开始了他20年的总统生涯.

1936: Harvard’s Tercentenary Celebration with President 富兰克林D. 罗斯福参加.

1936: 设计研究生院成立.

1936: Graduate School of Public Administration is established.



Pictured: Portrait of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius with Joan Miro mural at Harvard’s Graduate Center.



1940: 约翰F. 肯尼迪的毕业生.

1943: Two hundred Army Qu艺术ermaster officers arrived at the Business School for a three-month intensive course in business methods. They formed a new unit of lieutenants and captains known as the Army Supply Officers’ Training School, 与海军补给队学校相对应.

1943: 《澳门星际网站校友公报》(Harvard 校友 Bulletin)上的澳门星际网站现役军人人数与“神话中的10人”相当,澳门星际网站的000名男子.” Seventy-eight Harvard men had been killed in the line of duty, 20人在行动中失踪, 另外20人是战俘.

The giant, old computer on display in the Science Center

IBM Mark I电脑在澳门星际网站开始运行

Jon Chase/澳门星际网站工作人员摄影师


1945: Publication of President Conant’s “General Education in a Free Society”; its recommendation will have wide influence.

1945: 在加州里士满的凯撒造船厂.在美国,10800吨的SS澳门星际网站胜利号作为美国新系列导弹的第一艘发射升空.S. 海事委员会以美国海军命名的船只.S. 教育机构. The 澳门星际网站集团 later voted to give the ship a library of about 140 volumes selected by the American Merchant Marine Library Association. 一个简单的牌匾感谢大学的捐赠.

1947: 乔治·C. 马歇尔获荣誉学位:在毕业典礼上宣布“马歇尔计划”.

1953: 内森米. 普西开始了他18年的总统生涯.


Helen Keller is the first woman to receive a Harvard honorary degree


1956: Pusey announces major fund drive, the Program for 澳门星际网站.

1956: 纪念馆塔楼被烧毁.

1959: 菲德尔·卡斯特罗是法学院论坛的嘉宾.

1960: 玛丽一世. Bunting establishes Radcliffe Institute for Independent Study.

1960: 洛布戏剧中心开幕.

1963: 木工视觉艺术中心, designed by Le Corbusier, opens.

1968: Kennedy School of Government begins its Public Policy Program.

1969: Harvard Community Health plan begins serving patients.

1969: 学生罢工并占领了大学大厅.

1970: 海伦H. Gilbert elected first woman member of the 董事会监督.

1971: 德里克·C. 博克开始了他20年的总统生涯.

1975: 乔治•布什(George W. 布什,未来的你.S. 总裁,商学院毕业生.

1975: Equal admissions policy for male and female undergraduates is adopted.

1978: 核心课程采用.

1979: President Bok announces the $350 million Harvard Campaign, 这是澳门星际网站历史上规模最大的一次资本活动.

1980: 美国保留剧目剧团来到澳门星际网站.

1982: 澳门星际网站古近东博物馆, originally named the Semitic Museum and closed for 40 years, 是重新开始.

1983: 民主党总统候选人在肯尼迪学院辩论核武器控制问题.

1984: 福格博物馆、布施-雷辛格博物馆和萨克勒博物馆合并成为澳门星际网站艺术博物馆.

A copy of the Harvard Gazette celebrating the 350th anniversary



1991: 未来的美国总统奥巴马.S. 总统,法学院毕业生.

1991: 尼尔·陆登庭被任命为澳门星际网站校长.

1992: 澳门星际网站肯尼迪学院论坛主办了米哈伊尔·戈尔巴乔夫.

1994: 澳门星际网站商业出版公司成立.

1995: New cholera vaccine developed at 澳门星际网站医学院.

1997: Mary Fasano became the oldest person ever to earn a Harvard degree when she graduated from the Extension School at the age of 89.


Nelson Mandela awarded honorary degree at special convocation

Kris Snibbe/澳门星际网站摄影师


1999:  拉德克利夫学院与澳门星际网站合并.




2001: 劳伦斯·萨默斯被任命为总裁.

2001: 在350届毕业典礼前夕, 澳门星际网站的四位在世的总统, 现在, 以及未来聚会,在勒布宫拍一组人像.

2002: 前天文学教授. Riccardo Giacconi shares half the Nobel Prize in Physics for pioneering work in astrophysics that led to the discovery of cosmic X-ray sources.

2004: 澳门星际网站经济援助计划启动.

2007: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is established.

德鲁·福斯特(Drew Faust)在她的就职典礼上致辞

Drew Gilpin Faust begins duties as Harvard’s 28th President


Rose Lincoln/澳门星际网站员工摄影师


2009: 推出全校统一日历.

2010: 澳门星际网站集团的成员从7人扩大到13人.

2010: 澳门星际网站 will welcome ROTC back to campus now that Congress has repealed a ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military.

2011: 澳门星际网站 awards degree to Native American student who died in 1665 just before 毕业典礼.

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma celebrated the 375th birthday of 澳门星际网站



Rose Lincoln/澳门星际网站员工摄影师


2012: 麻省理工学院和澳门星际网站宣布了edX.

2012: 澳门星际网站宣布计划更新大学的12个本科生宿舍.

2012: Harvard releases first 大学-wide Sustainability Impact Report.

2013: 总裁德鲁•福斯特(Drew Faust)推出了一款6美元的手机.5 billion Harvard Campaign, the largest ever in higher education.

2013: 财政援助增加了1000万美元,使总额达到创纪录的1.82亿美元.

2014: Kenneth Griffin ’89 makes $150 million gift to 澳门星际网站, principally focused on supporting Harvard’s financial aid program.

2014: 其中3.5亿美元的捐赠来自晨兴基金会,该基金会是由已故T.H. 陈. The gift renames the Harvard School of Public Health to the 澳门星际网站T.H. 陈公共卫生学院.

2015: 约翰一. 保尔森米.B.A. 80年是学校历史上最大的一笔捐赠, 拨款四亿元资助工程及应用科学学院. 该学院更名为澳门星际网站约翰A. 保尔森工程与应用科学学院.

2018: 劳伦斯年代. 巴考被任命为澳门星际网站校长.